Twin Saga celebrates the Sakura Blossom Festival

Twin Saga celebrates the Sakura Blossom Festival with a new Feature
Twin Saga celebrates the Sakura Blossom Festival with a new Feature

Anime RPG fans can reach for the stars in an all-new feature, explore challenging Dungeons and attend the Sakura Blossom Festival in new seasonal events on Twin Saga.

Hamburg, May 26, 2020 - Gamigo's colorful Anime MMORPG Twin Saga is getting an exciting new feature, dangerous Dungeon challenges and two new seasonal events in this update.

In Memories of the Stars, a mysterious wanderer awaits curious adventurers in the Terracottage. He is convinced that in all Senshis, the players' cute companions, undreamt-of powers lie dormant, which they can remember with his help. In a small quest series, players can also obtain a Senshi contract for the new Senshi Felicity and, together with their adorable ally, get to the bottom of the mysteries of this new feature.

The Metarealm Dungeon Shadow Crevice offers fresh challenges for players who are brave enough to face the dangers of the more powerful version of the recently added area. Fearsome enemies also lie in wait for players in the enchanted Mystic Swamp. A horde of monsters has occupied and devastated the once paradisiacal land. Brave heroes can defeat them and claim glittering treasures as well as valuable rewards.

The inhabitants of the magical world of Twin Saga not only celebrate the romantic Sakura Blossom Festival with their loved ones and friends during the current seasonal events, but also the anniversary of its developer. In celebration of this, fun events, exclusive items and much more await players.

More information about the online role-playing game Twin Saga and the latest update can be found on Twin Saga.

Source : Gamigo - Gamigo Group - Aeria Games - Twin Saga - X-Legend Entretainment

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