Trove first Bunfest

Trove first Bunfest
Trove first Bunfest

In April, Trove players can look forward to a new seasonal event, colorful quests and daily rewards in their baskets.

Hamburg, April 7, 2020 - The Easter bunny is hopping through gamigo’s colorful Voxel MMO Trove. The seasonal event Bunfest celebrates its debut with egg-shaped dungeons, exciting quests and precious rewards.

The famous hare has left no corner unturned and hid his Easter eggs all around Trove. In them, players can find small rewards such as Glim and Flux. On Geode's Topside lucky folks might even find one of the infamous Golden Eggs, from which a Gold Companion Egg can hatch. Hardworking collectors can look forward to even more rewards in challenging daily quests.

In an eight-step quest, Blood Sugar Barbarians and Tomb Walkers can collect glittering Bun Tokens and exchange them for great prizes. The new bomb-resistant Chocolate Egg dungeon features cute bunny bosses with fine chocolates in their bags. Combine Bun Tokens and Chocolate and you'll get tasty Bunfest treats, mounts and companions at the Bunfest Station.

More information about the event and Trove can be found on the official website Trove.

Source: Gamigo AG - Trion Words - Trove

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