Trove Fees and Felines

Trove Fees and Felines
Trove Fees and Felines

Gamigo Announces the New 'Fees and Felines' Marketplace Update for Trove, as well as a New Tome and Character

The new Trove
update will help strengthen its marketplace in-game economy.

Gamigo will publish the 'Fees and Felines' update on PC for Trove's
marketplace. The update has been designed to strengthen the in-game economy to create more robust trading processes, as well as to help players within the marketplace to afford more items that perhaps had been out of reach before.

The new marketplace changes will see the introduction of taxes which, like in the real world, will help drive down inflation and stabilise the in-game economy. Taxes will also help discourage player speculation in the form of flipping. However, direct trading will remain unaltered, so players who prefer to find buyers themselves will be unaffected by the changes.

Other key marketplace updates include:

• The marketplace will now only accept flux – all existing pentaforged shadow soul priced auctions should be expired and claimable.

• When listing an item on the marketplace, a listing fee will be charged. The fee, paid in flux, will vary depending on the listing price of the item(s) being listed. If the item does not sell, this fee will not be returned. If the item does sell, the fee will be returned.

• Successful sales on the marketplace will be charged a 10% tax.

From a narrative perspective, the update will also introduce the new Nekonomicon tome and Fiona Catastra merchant. Some superstitious Trovians claim the Nekonomicon is available to craft, like other tomes, although nobody knows if they are truly to be trusted!

This tome will take way longer to fill than normal Legendary Tomes. Once filled, the tome will allow players to see Fiona Catastra, who hangs out in Adventure World Outposts. Fiona sells a variety of Deco objects (including a new Framework) at exorbitant prices, and she only deals in bones! Luckily, recipes for these Deco items can also be found on her workbench for a fraction of the cost.

Other updates for players to keep in mind:

• Harvesting resources such as ore now limit themselves to being collected by the nearest 8 players to make them more consistent with other drops such as loot

• The following Pirate Captains will now drop trophies: Squawk Red-Eye, Mean Gene the Green, Blue Barry, and Black Beak

Source: Gamigo AG - Trion Words - Trove

More about Trove

Trove is a Free-to-Play sandbox voxel MMO based adventure where players can explore an endless amount of randomly generated worlds filled with quests, enemies and treasure to be explored and discovered. The landscape is completely destructible and re-buildable, smashing through walls or deep underground your next adventure may be just under the surface.

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