Trove Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs

Trove Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs
Trove Cowboys Vs Dinosaurs

It’s the Battle of the Centuries as Trove Pits Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs in its Latest In-Game Event!

Gamigo is pleased to announce it’s giving Trove players the opportunity to decide once and for all which is better – Dinosaurs or Cowboys – in its latest in-game event, Cowasaurs and Dinoboys!

In this battle between icons from the Cenozoic and Jurassic periods, Trovians will visit the Desert Frontier and Jurassic Jungle regions to earn rewards for the faction of their choice. Each faction will feature a 7-step questline that will either help Cowboys spread the word about the awesomeness of Dinosaurs or help Dinosaurs humblebrag Cowboys into everyone’s hearts. Once the initial 7-step questlines are complete, players can continue earning points for their faction by completing 3 new daily quests, which in turn earns them rewards such as new banners, target dummies, and more.

Cowasaurs and Dinoboys 2022 is now available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

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Source: Gamigo AG - Trion Words - Trove

More about Trove:

Trove is a Free-to-Play sandbox voxel MMO based adventure where players can explore an endless amount of randomly generated worlds filled with quests, enemies and treasure to be explored and discovered. The landscape is completely destructible and re-buildable, smashing through walls or deep underground your next adventure may be just under the surface.

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