Trigon Space Story new game

Trigon Space Story new game
Trigon Space Story new game

Today, publisher Gameforge (Swords of Legends Online, Metin 2, NosTale, and TERA) is announcing their partnership with Sernur.Tech to publish their upcoming game Trigon: Space Story, a single-player, offline rogue-like strategy game inspired by FTL: Faster Than Light.

Russian Indie Studio Sernur.Tech Partners with German Publisher Gameforge to Launch Upcoming Sci-Fi Strategy Roguelike Trigon: Space Story

Jump in the Boots of a Captain on an Upgradable Spaceship and Lead Your Crew into Procedurally Generated Adventures Through the Galaxy

Russian indie developer Sernur.Tech is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Gameforge—the leading publisher of popular massively-multiplayer online games in the west including AION, TERA, OGame, NosTale, and Swords of Legends Online—to publish their upcoming sci-fi strategy roguelike game Trigon: Space Story. With a demo currently available on Steam, this FTL-inspired galactic adventure will be released in 2022. This latest partnership is the first step for Gameforge’s exploration of opportunities to provide support for exciting new indie projects from across the globe.

“We are gamers at Gameforge, first and foremost. That is how all of this started for us with OGame nearly 20 years ago. Oftentimes we come across some really fun indie titles that deserve a closer look, and Trigon: Space Story has been exactly that for us right from the start,” said Noemi Feller, Vice President of Products at Gameforge. “We hope Trigon will be the first of many other endeavors in partnership with smaller studios with cool content and products whose stories should definitely be heard.”

Transitioning from one of the biggest goat milk farms in Russia to indie game studio isn’t exactly a stereotypical journey in the gaming industry, but that’s precisely what happened with Sernur.Tech.

“I and Taras are farmers and occasional entrepreneurs. We have our goat farm and a plant for the manufacturing of goat milk-based products in Russia. This is a family business and we have been doing this for ten years. But as often happens, children do not always want to follow in the footsteps of their parents, and we are no exception. We’ve always played video games and dreamed of making our own game one day.”

Trigon: Space Story, or TSS, initially began as a pet project between friends. Inspired by the wildly successful FTL, the team set out to create their own twist on the formula and take things to the next level. After three months of development, Kirill Koltsov, co-founder of Sernur.Tech, and his friends went all-in and formed a game studio. With a little help from an industry consultant, they founded a company, assembled a prototype, and headed to the DevGamm 2019 exhibition in Minsk. Reception from players was overwhelmingly positive and the studio managed to get some new contacts, expand their workforce, and dive headfirst into getting the game polished and ready for release.

“In May 2019, we decided to shoot for the stars. What kind of game do we want to play? FTL, but with a captain and free exploration of the galaxy,” said Koltsov. “Initially only five people onboard, we made a successful alpha that earned us tons of player feedback and was wishlisted over 50,000 times on Steam alone. Since then, the team has continued to grow, we got an office, and we initiated talks with several publishers. Gameforge appreciates our project and understands how our indie studio operates, so we decided to partner with them as we continue recruitment and development and prepare to take new players on our journey to outer space.”

Trigon: Space Story places players in the captain’s seat of a fully upgradable starship, where they must manage everything from weapon systems and engines to the day-to-day tasks of the ship’s crew. The procedurally generated universe offers plenty of scope for exploration over four chapters of the story campaign, with nine sectors each containing 10+ individual systems. With dangerous space anomalies, roving gangs of space pirates, and a complex web of intergalactic politics to navigate, players will need to strategize each approach with myriad factors to consider. Outfit each ship with more than 70 different weapons and play from the perspectives of four highly unique species, each with their own quirks and advantages. The procedurally generated roguelike universe provides a new adventure every run and will force players to truly learn the meaning of “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.”

Watch the Trigon: Space Story trailer here:

Key Features for Trigon Space Story:

• Oh Captain, My Captain: It’s your show out there and it’s up to you to lead and inspire your crew, make life or death decisions, and craft the most badass ship in the galaxy.

• Build the Best Ship in the Stars: Outfit your star cruiser with more than 70 types of weapons including lasers, turrets, plasma cannons, bombs, drones, and more.

• It’s a Culture Thing: Multiple species, each with their own unique qualities, like the warmongering militant Rakkhi, or the crafty and tenacious Humans.

• Decisions, Decisions…: You find a damaged ship with a crew that needs rescuing. Do you take the noble route and save them? Or hit ‘em while they’re weak and take their stuff?

• A New Adventure Every Time: A procedurally generated universe ensures no run is the same, forcing players to learn, adapt, and craft fresh strategies to ensure victory.

• Stellar Stories to Unfold: A story mode that consists of four chapters and four different perspectives from each species, all of which possess their own quirks and have their own part to play in the overarching plot.

Trigon: Space Story’s demo is currently on Steam. The game will launch in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Polish for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store in 2022.

About Sernur.Tech

Founded in May of 2019 by a pair of goat farmers based in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, Sernur.Tech is what happens when passion meets inspiration. What started out as a side project between friends became a fully-fledged studio, and Sernur.Tech now boasts nine full-time employees dedicated to developing the company’s first title, Trigon: Space Story—a gorgeous sci-fi roguelike inspired by games like FTL and currently sitting on more than 50,000 wishlists on Steam.

About Gameforge

Founded in 2002, Gameforge is a leading Western publisher and operator of widely acclaimed Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Browser-based game titles. Gameforge builds highly active and enduring global communities by supporting players through the greatest quality LiveOps, provision of localized content, engaging community management, and frequent delivery of meaningful updates.

Gameforge’s diverse portfolio of highly successful gaming brands provides different worlds with engaging experiences for players from all walks of life: core MMORPG titles AION, TERA, and Metin2, beloved anime MMOs Elsword and NosTale, strategy-focused browser games like OGame and Ikariam, along with other classic titles such as 4Story and Runes of Magic.

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