Tribe Skills Arrives in Tribal Wars 2

Tribe Skills Arrives in Tribal Wars 2 by Innogames

Tribal Wars 2 launches today the new Tribe Skills feature. This new feature allows players to strengthen their tribe’s power and unlock new skills by donating resources. InnoGames has released a video in which LeadCommunity Manager David and Backend Developer Hilko further explains this feature.

By donating resources, such as iron, wood and clay, players collect experience points for their tribes, raising the power level. If a tribe has enough power, it will advance in level and gather skill points that can be spent on unlocking tribe skills like Attack Bonus, which gives defensive wall perks and unit recruitment acceleration.

These tribe skills enable more tactical diversity and provide a tactical edge over similar-sized opponents. Watch the video if you want to know more:

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Source: Innogames Press Release - Tribal Wars 2.

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