Tribal Wars 2 Open Beta

Tribal Wars 2 Open Beta


InnoGames has finally started the open beta phase for its newest browser-based strategy game: Tribal Wars 2. The game is the highly-anticipated sequel of the original Tribal Wars and will be available in English and German, with 17 more lnguages to be launched shortly after.

The closed beta gave us very valuable input for the development of the game and we thank all players who participated in it”, says Tribal Wars 2 Product Manager Nino Protic. “However, now is the time to test the game with a bigger community to prepare for the final launch.

The game, which is a classic empire-building strategy MMO, will be available only for browser at first, with the iOS and Android versions' launch scheduled for the end of the year.

In Tribal Wars 2 players wiill be able to wage war against their enemies in strategic real-time multiplayer battles. Once all the version are available, the game will be totally cross-platform and users will be able to play from any device in the same game world.




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