Tribal Wars 2 Enters Closed Beta on June 24


The closed beta phase of Tribal Wars 2 has an official date. Starting from June 24, players will have access to the English server, although for the first days the testers number will be limited in order to perform a first brief stress test. After this quick performance test the beta will be opened to more and more players.

This first beta will be available only throught browser, with the Android and iOS versions coming with the open beta. Being completely cross-platform, though, once available on the other platforms, the game will be playable with a single account.

In Tribal Wars 2, players will have the chance to build and manage their medieval village in order to turn it in a real empire. They will have to fight if they want to survive in this land torn by war, playing with or against other players a subtle game of politics and military pacts.

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