Tier 10 Vehicles Coming to Armored Warfare on May 3

Armored Warfare Tank Shooter Game available on XBox One, PlayStation4 and PC
Tier 10 Vehicles Coming to Armored Warfare on May 3


Tier 10 Vehicles will be added to Armored Warfare on May 3rd with the Update 0.15. My.com has announced it along with the release of a gameplay video introducing the new vehicles. Check it out below.

“Leading up to the introduction of Tier 10, we've been carefully monitoring the community's opinions on what the highest tier of Armored Warfare should contain,” said Antoine Guyard, EU producer for Armored Warfare. “It became obvious that while having vehicles that actually exist, it would also be good to take it a bit further and let our players experience the vehicles that are currently in the prototype or concept phase, with experimental or planned upgrades. Considering the fact that actions in Armored Warfare take place in mid-2030s, we see it as as perfect solution to bring the most awesome vehicles into Armored Warfare. We hope our players will enjoy these newest additions to Armored Warfare!”

Six are the new tier 10 vehicles:

- SPHINX, a French sturdy six-wheeled prototype with light armor and considerable firepower.

- PL-01, a light tank concept armed with an auto-loading 120mm cannon, very agile and fast.

- T-14 Armata, a modern Russian battle tank with an advanced design that includes an unmanned turret and a 125mm automatically loaded gun.

- Leopard 2A7-140, a beast that combines the Leopard 2 armor kit and the firepower of a 120mm L/55 Rheinmetall gun or an experimental 140mm cannon.

- Challenger 2 ATDU, an experimental version of the Challenger 2. It will be the best armored vehicle in the game.

- XM1A3 Abrams, a prototype based on the M1A2 Abrams that includes a TUSK kit and an ARAT-2 explosive reactive armor.


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