Thirty Kingdoms Exclusive Giveaway


If you ever dreamed about building your own empire, this is your opportunity. We are offering you 13,000 emeralds (worth 4.99 euros) to begin your journey to greatness in Thirty Kingdoms. From now till the 26 of August 2016, if you sign-up for a new account through us (click on the "play" button below) you'll get 13,000 emeralds to spend as you please.

A few months ago we published a review, so check it out if you are interested. And we also published a first look commentary video, which you can watch right now:

Thirty Kingdoms is a free to play browser-based strategy MMO where players must work hard to build their own Empire. They must build up provinces, each one acting as its own city, and then manage all of them in order to evolve and grow.

If you want to know more about the game, click on the "info" button below.

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