Thirty Kingdoms

Thirty Kingdoms

GENRE: Free to play Empire Strategy MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Based on Bytro Labs’ main title Supremacy 1914, Thirty Kingdoms offers a very similar gameplay and monetization, but set in a fantasy realm and improved graphics on the browser-based free to play Empire building MMO strategy. Players must protect their provinces, advance them through building a variety of useful structures and ultimately training up a mediaeval army made up of archers, Knights and even Dragons to bring war to their enemies and rivals.


- Control your own Empire
- Customize each city as suits your overall goal
- Fight against 29 other players to control a continent
- Dozens of buildings and troops to choose from this
- Extensive tech tree
- Siege mechanics
- Intelligent AI


In the game players start off with five provinces that they control and rule over that makes up the beginnings of their Empire, able to advance these provinces and their respective towns or cities. Players can construct everything from farmland to castles and keeps. Players will begin on a continent map, made up of over 100 provinces controlled by a combination of the 29 other houses (controlled by players or the AI), as well as the enemy AI barbarian faction. The objective of the game is relatively sandbox, and players can choose what they wish to do, however PVP is strongly encouraged and the battle between Houses as players fight over territory to expand their Empire.


A kingdom is only as strong as the resources that it controls, from wood, grain, iron, mithril and stone, these are the building blocks for any prospective Empire, and each province’s will have a primary output of one of these resources that a player can earned if they seize control of it. Once a province is controlled players are able to construct various resource production buildings in their towns and cities that can harvest these valuable resources to either use them for constructing other buildings, training troops or even for trade in the marketplace where players are able to buy and sell resources to each other.


One of the interesting features of the game is morale where both military units and a city’s populous can suffer from low morale. In the case of the former where military units have low morale, which come be brought on by defeat in battle, performing tasks such as forced marching so that units reach their location quicker and other actions, the result is that the military units will not be as strong in battle. A low morale populous directly affects the efficiency and productivity of that particular province and the high morale gives the player a boost in productivity. Players are able to construct certain buildings that will boost a populous’ morale/happiness or alternatively spend the Emerald premium currency to boost either populous or unit by a % amount


One of the interesting features about the game is the News section where players can get an overview of everything that is currently happening on their continent, depicted as though a news scroll or city bulletin board. Here players are able to find out what has been built in the different provinces, what battles have been fought and what alliances have been formed between various Houses.


Another key feature of the game is the Espionage system, here players are able to hire spies to perform various tasks such as performing espionage on a rival province as well as protecting their own territories from enemy spies. Alternatively players can also hire assassins to deal with their issues in a more permanent fashion.


The game is completely free to play but players are able to purchase a subscription to become part of the High Nobility, which allows them to chat amongst each other in their own private chat and gives them access to other features and game perks to help them. Players are also able to purchase the Emeralds premium currency that allow them to purchase needed resources that they may lack of things, though they can be occasionally earned in game as well as out of game by signing up and downloading various apps, coupon codes, filling out forms and surveys and more.


Web Browser


7 Comments - "Thirty Kingdoms"

  1. nivlem September 2, 2014 at 5:41 PM -

    It does looks like supremacy 1914 only with a medieval theme

  2. nivlem September 2, 2014 at 5:58 PM -

    a highly recommended to who love supremacy 1914

  3. jon November 29, 2014 at 11:42 PM -

    The devs & ‘alchemists’ who are upper level players of the top 50 in the game , who help them are all in agreement this is a ‘whitewash ‘ of Supremacy 1914. The dragon is a whitewash of the bomber plane. It has a neat premise, simple builds if you acquire the builds in a good sequence . It is real time , but there is no retreat function .Once you make a decision, it can be cancelled on start , but if you get into a build, its better to let it run. The devs enjoy playing god theme names- lie to you and suddenly kill 10,000 troops if you question the battle statistics of their ‘unknown factors’ . I am sorry, but I must say that statistics and math do not lie , so there is no need to apply an unknown factor unless that legally covers a program designed to get you to perform the game currency bank function of getting emeralds. for real money. The AI assistance for people not playing the game actively and NPC kingdoms is stronger than your troops. I cannot seem to be able to register into their forums.That means you can start an account, build your basic cities for 2 days and then when the AI take over, the builds are automatic, the troop recruitment are continual . So then, you can come back after 30 days, either have no kingdom or a flourishing strong army to plunder with… if you have not been killed by an active player.

  4. Michael Walker (Pepintheshort) June 21, 2015 at 4:13 AM -

    I joined this game thursday and was enjoying it thoroughly. It was interesting and strategic. I chose to buy emeralds….multiple times. Then I noticed what “jon” above was complaining about. The battle mechanics are rediculous!

  5. Michael Walker (Pepintheshort) June 21, 2015 at 4:21 AM -

    If you are continuously going into battle with overwhelming odds in your favor, (i.e. odds > 2 to 1, higher morale, the same or better troops) and you are losing the same or more troops than your opponent…..consistently….well that’s just hosed up!!! I’ve had a battle with a barbarian province with > 2 to 1 odds, where I’ve lost 500 to the barb’s 200 and the battle has been ongoing for more than 5 hours…..egregious!!!! You are going to lose players if this crap continues. I will not put up with this much longer.

  6. Ur mom July 31, 2015 at 10:33 PM -

    This game is for retarded poptarts

  7. OLdHat February 5, 2016 at 6:24 AM -

    This game is well worth a few runs if your a serious wargamer or casual player not really emotionally tied to the outcomes. LIke S1914 there will be times when the games x-factors will completely breakit close to the cuff with your strategy be prepared to get your rear handed to you more often than your used to with typical war games even against the ai. Use diplomacy early as possible with ai..this can have some amusing ripple effects too when you cause ai kingdoms that aren’t exactly neighbors to go to war with your enemies.

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