First Look at Thirty Kingdoms


We recently checked out Thirty Kingdoms from Bytro Labs, a new empire building and browser MMO that is currently in open beta and is, of course, completely free to play. Like many other games in this genre. Players are responsible for gathering their own resources, constructing a variety of different buildings in their various cities and ultimately raising up an army to wage war on their rivals, be they enemy AI or other players.

Unlike other games in this genre the game or delete extremely well-polished and focuses on a lot of the minute details, as well as having some very interesting features such as the News feature, which shows players just exactly what is happening on their continent and what the other players are up to. Check out our video as we get to grips with the first taste of gameplay in this new MMO, we definitely think it might have the makings of a great Empire strategy.

Watch it right here:


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