The Lost Titans enters its second beta phase


The Lost Titans, the full 3D browsed-based MMORPG in developement at ZQGame, has just entered its second closed beta phase, getting more content, an improved localization and some surprise events for its players.

Compared to the precedent beta phase, players will now be able to find a lot of improvements, included additional Pets and Mounts, GM and In-Game Events, new Tutorials, new bosses, expanded VIP Level and new Player-vs-Player (PvP) Features

Moreover, a lot of entertaining events will be held in order to celebrate Easter and April's Fool, such as  Easter Bunny's Nest Egg, Me N' My Buddy, Hide and Shriek and more.

Source of information: ZQGame press release


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One Comment - "The Lost Titans enters its second beta phase"

  1. jake April 8, 2013 at 5:12 PM -

    HeY this is ridiculos VIP alreay costs like 5 grand to get it all thats dumb and this is supposed to be obt this game lies to its players and half the stuff in the game doesnt spawn

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