The Lost Titans


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Under the rule of two Titans, Ophion and Hyperion, the land or Aristos has prospered for centuries, but upon Hyperion’s mysterious disappearance the world is thrown into anarchy. As a protector of light you have been tasked to journey across the land in search of the lost titan to once more restore order to Aristos.


Considered to be the next gen of action MMORPGs the Lost Titans works straight from your browser with very little download needed to get started and can be accessed from anywhere on your favourite browser. The Lost Titans offers an immersive and fun experience for both casual and hardcore players and takes the browser genre to the next level with its stunning full-3D browser gaming technology to beautifully render the world that you will explore.


-       Choose from three different House Factions and immerse yourself in exciting PvP

-       Play from three different classes, each adopting its own unique style of play

-       Follow the main storyline or explore numerous side quests

-       An exciting and unique world with both PvP and safe zones

-       Stunning 3D high quality graphics in your own browser


The main game map displays two types of region, the main regions are dangerous areas where PvP is fully enabled and players can attack members of rival houses, however, the green areas are your “safe zones” where PvP does not exist. In PvP a player can gain reputation points which yield achievements, titles and give the player a higher salary. There are different types of PvP available in The Lost Titans:

-       Arenas: Players can fight amongst themselves to try and earn a spot on the list of top 20 fighters on the server, this feature becomes available at level 15

-       Faction Battles: By locating a Battlefield Administrator in the Town Hall, a player can enter the Proving Grounds where faction battles are held daily, this feature becomes available at level 20

-       Guild Battles: Guilds have the ability to challenge each other in combat and gain daily rewards, quest bonuses and city titles, as well as bragging rights!


At level 10 a player must choose to align themselves with one of the three different House Factions, considered to be a rite of passage for protectors of the light. In a chosen Faction House a player will meet and befriend other players and quest with them for reputation and rewards. The three Houses are:

-       House Levidis: Boasting wise individuals, the members of House Levidis are considered to be intelligent, calm and enduring.

-       House Venramin: Wit and cunning are regarded highly in House Vendramin, ever ready for whatever may happen and always plotting and planning.

-       House Kalgeris: Protectors of the city and filling the ranks of the city guard, House Kalgeris prides honor, ferocity and family over all else.


The three available classes offer something for everyone, whether your preference is an up close and personal melee fighter, or a long ranged combatant who uses magic over the sword:

-       Warrior: Giant sword in hand the Warrior is the tank whose presence is instantly felt on the battlefield as they cut their way through their enemies, tackling multiple enemies with might and steel and clearing the way for allies.

-       Mage: With the use of their staff the Mage taps into the worlds life source and brings forth powerful frost magic to freeze and slow their enemies whilst simultaneously protecting their allies with shielding auras.

-       Ranger: The master of the bow and arrow, they use their agility and speed to be a bane upon their enemies and a boon to their allies, able to render negative status effect on opponents and boost their own team, as well as giving increased travel speed to a party.


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