The F2Peer Review: Marvel Heroes 2015

The F2Peer Review: Marvel Heroes 2015

Next up in our F2Peer Review we get our resident players to check out Marvel Heroes 2015, the brainchild of David Brevik, creator of Diablo and original co-founder of Blizzard North who has taken the world of Marvel and brought us an intense exciting action RPG. In the game players get to play as a wide variety of Marvel heroes (and some classic redeemed villains), earn gear, group up to complete missions and try to clean up the various cities of criminals and low lives. So what did our players have to say?


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Whilst I liked the game and playing with some of the Marvel Heroes was extremely fun (shout out to Cyclops and Deadpool) it is inherently a PVE focused game and the PVP aspect is extremely lacking/broken. It takes a long time to jump into the PVP when queueing, to the point where it actually doesn’t feel worth it after a while and when you do get in it’s pretty uninspiring. With so many Heroes it would definitely benefit from some MOBA style gameplay like Infinite Crisis. I have to say whilst the PVE is pretty fun I can’t see the game being anything other than something I would dip into from time to time.

I really enjoyed Marvel Heroes 2015, playing as one of my favourite Marvel heroes of all time: Captain America, was a blast and being able to find pickup groups was pretty easy. The PVE isn’t super challenging that new groups struggle, but it has its share of moments where you’re not sure you’re going to get through a particularly tough battle. The game does seem to be a little bit money focused for someone who wouldn’t be constantly playing it, so I imagine it’s hard to try out a lot of the Heroes without some major time or money investment; still there’s enough free heroes available. The pick-up and playability is pretty strong, able to jump in for 20 minutes or stick it out for over an hour, there’s always stuff to do and instant action.

Marvel is love. Marvel is life :D There are soooo many heroes to choose from, even starting out it took me a while to decide who I wanted, but I can’t imagine how long it would take me to collect all the Heroes and get all their costumes (which is a really cool idea, giving you the choice to play as classic Heroes or their modern equivalents). My only big gripe is that it doesn’t seem like you have a lot of bank/Stash space; I’m a bit of a pack rat and don’t like to throw things away, and it didn’t take long until my inventory and Stash were hitting full capacity. The Achievements system is pretty cool and pretty extensive, and there’s even a “Top Secret” achievement that you get for unlocking ten secret achievements… can’t wait to try and work that out!

Made by David Brevik, straight away it was obvious that this was going to just be a Diablo clone, it’ a boring and generic RPG with the same types of trops and quest formats as we’ve seen a million times over. Just putting a Marvel tag on it doesn’t mean the game is good. Diablo was pretty good for a while, so it would have been nice to see something different, not an almost identical game with a reskin. Just a glance over the cost of heroes and costumes flags up that this is a cash cow and not a development team with the incentive or integrity to try and make a game worth playing.

I was excited with the thought of Marvel Heroes 2015, as I have always enjoyed the comics, cartoons and movies, but it wasn’t really my style of RPG. It lacks the openness of an MMORPG and the depth of a single player RPG like Baldur’s Gate or Bioware titles, and falls a little on the generic side. As someone who really liked to get into the role of their character and immerse themselves and roleplay as them, this was pretty hard to do when there’s ten of the same hero you’re supposed to be running around the area. A good game, fun action combat, but it just further emphasises for me that we need a new classification for “RPG” these days as I feel it falls short.

For the prices in the shop I don’t think the game is all that bad or expensive, I didn’t have to spend more than a couple of bucks to get the Heroes I wanted to play and, with enough grinding to acquire Eternity Splinters getting the Heroes you want also means you don’t have to pay cash if you don’t want to. The game does suffer from a little grind from time to time, but I’ve max levelled toons in Aion so Marvel Heroes was a walk in the park in comparison. For the most part the combat is pretty challenging and I’d say there’s a good ever increasing scale as you progress and your own character gets more abilities and better gear. There’s still a lot they need to do to tweak the game in my opinion, but I like the ongoing mini balances they do, seems like they’re constantly trying to fix power creep though with every new hero they add.

I was a HUGE Diablo fan back in the day, that’s like nearly 20 years back, and so I could definitely see the similarities and Brevik’s influence in MH2015, but it still felt new and fresh and had a lot of interesting features as well as a pretty extensive all-star cast. Still, whether a different development team, a less enthralling setting, or simply just good old fashioned nostalgia, I couldn’t shake that the game just wasn’t as fun as the original Diablo was. Diablo felt deadly and pretty scary at times (albeit I was much younger back then) whereas MH2015 was action packed and still required the same intense gameplay, it just lacked soul.

So that’s what our players think, but what about you? Do you play Marvel Heroes 2015? If not then why not? What do you like or hate about it, and what do you think about our players’ opinions? Let us know in the comments!

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