The Christmas Season in Fiesta Online

The Christmas Season in Fiesta Online
The Christmas Season in Fiesta Online

It’s time to get festive in gamigo’s anime MMO, Fiesta Online, where the main towns of Isya have all been decorated to reflect the celebration!

The Christmas 2022 patch sees an abundance of content for players to get involved in, such as:

• The return of the Ski Tournament, where players will have to snowboard their way through the racetrack. Points are collected by hitting either the red, yellow and blue padded pillars and the top 3 who gather the most points will come out victorious and receive the Gold Medalist, Silver Medalist, and Bronze Medalist titles along with other in-game items.

• The Kingdom Quest ‘Attack on Frozen Roumen’ is back! Players can join in on the Kingdom Quest to battle and conquer the Cronenberg Monster. Using their wits, players can utilise the element of fire to overcome the ice monster. Doing so successfully means in-game rewards shall be granted.

• The Winter Cup also sees a comeback, where players can play against their fellow adventurers on a winter scenic soccer field.

• 4 new Christmas Quests. This year’s patch welcomes a new quest line where players will have to collect wrapping paper and deliver Christmas gifts throughout Isya. Christmas Kebings will stand in the way of this, so players will have to battle their way to delivery victory! Start this quest line by talking to the Town Chief Roumenus, located in Roumen.

Alongside all of the above, and with the Continent of Fiesta being decorated in a festive aesthetic, it truly is the time of giving. Players will be given the opportunity to show off their best dance moves under the various Christmas trees found around the towns to receive a nice buff that will be sure to aid them on their adventures!

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