The battle magician arrives in Elsword


Kill3rCombo, publisher of the side-scrolling action  MMORPG Elsword, just launched the new step of the "Elsword Transformation" Campaign, adding to the game a brand new job class for Aisha: the battle magician.

With this new class specialization, Aisha dishes out a wide range of punishing close quarter attacks and harnesses pure magical energy to blast her opponents into the stratosphere. While the first new class in Elsword Transformation was a natural evolution for the melee character Elsword, Battle Magician is a striking departure for the ranged caster Aisha, who can now go toe-to-toe in melee rumbles. This makes Aisha more versatile and unpredictable in both PvE and PvP modes.

Source of Informations: Kill3rCombo press release.

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