Supremacy 1914 Update May 2020 and Events

Supremacy 1914 Update May 2020 and Events

Bytro Labs with Supremacy 1914 here you have the last news / update for Supremacy 1914 and the next events on the game.

Supremacy 1914 Update 05/2020

The latest update brings some handy new features to Supremacy 1914. We're bringing your players a brand new card filter UI for PC and we're adding some great new filtering options. The new filters make it easier to search the map for units of a certain type. They even allow to only display units that are currently performing a certain activity! We also fixed some bugs and made some changes to improve server stability.

New feature on Supremacy 1914:

We have implemented a new user interface for map filters on the desktop. The new card filter user interface can be opened by clicking on the “Hamburger” button in the top right corner of the screen.

The new map filters allows players to retrieve important information that is not relevant throughout a full game:

● Search function.

● Zoom in and out.

● Show and hide army bars of the different unit types.

● Show and hide the activities of units.

In addition, a new chat feature has been built in, which allows a friend to be invited directly to a new game round. Players can now click on another player's name above a chat message and will find the option to invite that player to their game. The invited player will receive a whisper message with a link that he or she can click to join the game round. We’ve introduced a chat notification when a new player joins the game.

Supremacy 1914 Events May 2020

All Countries: All In!: Sign-up period: 15.05.2020 - 19.05.2020 - Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 All Countires All In - Supremacy 1914 Free Starter Pack plus nice event Supremacy 1914 All Countires All In image

Did you ever want to take the reigns of the smaller nations that participated in World War 1? Now is the time, because in this event, according to the motto ‘all countries, all-in’, you can choose any historical nation that existed in Europe in 1914. Try to grow a small country into a big empire or pick an established superpower and surround yourself with allies. Recreate history or conquer the whole of Europe in this historical battle scenario!

Event Details:

● Historical Europe map with borders of 1914
● 20 players: Every european nation of 1914 playable
● No AI countries
● Country selection enabled
● Starts-when-full
● Starting conditions are balanced historically
● AI & human player peace period of 12 real-life hours
● 4x speed
● Fixed runtime: 14 real-life days

During the sign-up period the event maps can be found at the top of the games list. Join these event map to participate here Supremacy 1914. We wish you good luck and much fun!

Team Up!: (Sign-up period: 22.05.2020 - 26.05.2020) - Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 Team UP Image

Some battles are not meant to be fought alone and our next event is one of them. Join the 100 player map and choose which of the two sides will benefit from your knowledge as a leader and
tactician. Prepare for the biggest team fight in history!

Colonial Uprising: (Sign-up period: 29.05.2020 - 02.06.2020) - Supreamcy 1914

Supremacy 1914 Colonial Uprising Event Supremacy 1914 Colonial Uprising Event Image

Separatist movements rose to power in different parts of the world and control major resources now. Use this opportunity to seize these regions and utilize them to forge a mighty global Empire! Victory on this map is not achieved by simple conquest, in order to win you have to secure 13 of 25 Control Points scattered across the world map. Only one player will win the huge gold reward in the end, so use your wits and plan your strategy wisely to have a chance in this demanding event!

Source: Bytro Labs - Supremacy 1914 The Great War I - Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 – The Great War I, is a real-time strategy MMO game for PC, iOS, Android devices and Steam you can play for free here on, Browser-based RTS game Supremacy 1914 from Bytro is now available for mobile devices and enables cross-platform play for players. Last week’s release marks the second mobile game release on both major mobile platforms after last year’s successful Call of War launch. This turns Supremacy 1914 into the second genuine MMO strategy game available for mobile players on smartphones and tablets.

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