Supremacy 1914 Update and July Events 2020

Supremacy 1914 MMORTS

Supremacy 1914 Update and July Events 2020

Bytro Labs with Supremacy 1914 here you have the last news / update for Supremacy 1914 and the next events on Supremacy1914.


Update Supremacy 1914

The last release was one that is all about the details: It includes some small but decisive quality-of-live improvements for both desktop and mobile players as well as a number of bug fixes.

Please find a complete list of all changes below:


● On mobile, we drastically improved the readability of the resource icons in the top bar and throughout the UI.
● On desktop, we relocated the Archived Games by introducing a toggle in the My Games section for easy switching between active and archived game rounds.
● On desktop, we changed the tab order on the Ranking page to put more emphasis on the weekly ranking.
● On desktop, we now highlight the top 5 players of the week on the main page (instead of just the top-ranking player) to celebrate our most skilled generals.

Bug fixes:

● We fixed a bug that prevented the ranged attack arrow from being displayed consistently.
● We fixed a bug on mobile that prevented players from scrolling down when reading a message that exceeded the initial message space.
● We fixed a bug on mobile that caused the small plus icons to be missing when using the “add army” functionality.

Upcoming Events for Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 Goldrush: (Sign-up period: 09.07.2020 - 13.07.2020)

The time has come for another speed round event! This time, we have upped the ante: You will play on a 500 player map at 4x speed with drastically increased Goldmark rewards. Don't hesitate and join this massive rush for gold!

Supremacy 1914 Rush for Europe: (Sign-up period: 16.07.2020 - 20.07.2020)

It looks like we are only hours away until war breaks out in Europe once again. Mobilize your troops and prepare yourself for whatever enemy you may face! “Rush for Europe” is a special event map that runs on breathtaking 6 times the speed of normal game rounds! Even the tiniest decision could have severe consequences at this pace. Experience the war for Europe in a way you have never seen it before!

Supremacy 1914 Free for All! (Sign-up period: 23.07.2020 - 27.07.2020)

Supremacy 1914 Free for All Event Supremacy 1914 Free for All Event

In this event you will not know friends nor family: In a 100p map with the ‘anonymous round’ feature enabled and no coalitions, you will be pitted against 99 other players in a struggle for survival. We also enabled the Elite AI but will not charge any entry fee for this exclusive event.

Source: Bytro Labs - Supremacy 1914 - The Great War for PC, Android devices Supremacy 1914 - The Great War or iOS here Supremacy 1914 - The Great War

Supremacy 1914 – The Great War I, is a real-time strategy MMO game for PC, iOS, Android devices and Steam you can play for free here on, Browser-based RTS game Supremacy 1914 - The Great War from Bytro is now available for mobile devices and enables cross-platform play for players. Last week’s release marks the second mobile game release on both major mobile platforms after last year’s successful Supremacy 1914 - The Great War launch. This turns Supremacy 1914 into the second genuine MMO strategy game available for mobile players on smartphones and tablets.


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