Supremacy 1914 – The Great War update and events 03-2020

Supremacy 1914 - The Great War update and events 03-2020

Bytro Labs with Supremacy 1914. We are really happy to celebrate the great sound and music in Supremacy 1914. The new Supremacy 1914 soundtrack lets your players dive even more into the battlefields of World War I than ever before! You are finally able to hear the action on the map and listen to your troops fighting for victory! The sound effects in Supremacy 1914 are dynamic and the volume of many effects changes depending on your distance from the source. To celebrate this, we have released the full Supremacy 1914 soundtrack on Youtube!

But that is not all, we are also proud to present new players a better way to explain the features, menus, and information available in the game. The result is the brand-new contextual tutorial! It provides short hints explaining the different menus and UI elements and helps players find and process all information available in the game.

We also reworked the game chat. When in a game round, players can now freely move and resize it. A new scenario chat was added to allow players to communicate with only the players on the map they are currently playing.


● We have increased the zoom level.

○ You can now zoom in closer to what's going on to get a better overview and see more details on the map.
○ The higher zoom level is not available in legacy mode.

● We have reduced the range of “snapping”.

○ This allows you to move units closer to the center of a province without attacking them.
○ In legacy mode, the reduced range for snapping is not available.

● A tooltip now appears when a player presses the button to start or queue a production. (The tooltip confirms that production has started or the classification has been successful.)

● We have found that players prefer to attack inactive players. This is not the way we designed game rounds. Therefore, we are removing player activity indicators from the game. This should make game rounds more exciting and less predictable.

● The new private resource offers now appear occasionally in the market.

Upcoming Events:

Arms Race! 4x Speed: (Laufzeit: 06.03.2020 - 10.03.2020)

It is time again for our Arms Race event and the challenge to manage and coordinate the massive amounts of units and resources that are provided on this map on day 1. Five light tanks, four medium tanks, three artillery units, two mechanized infantries, two anti-tank units, one commando, and one anti-air unit will be stationed in all urban provinces protecting your already fully upgraded buildings, ready to receive orders. In all non-urban provinces, you will find three infantry units.


All Countries: All In! 4x Speed: (Laufzeit: 13.03.2020 - 17.03.2020)

Did you ever want to take the reigns of the smaller nations that participated in World War 2? Try to grow a small country into a big empire or pick an established superpower and surround yourself with allies. Recreate history or conquer the whole world in this historical battle scenario!

Pick your favorite: (Laufzeit: 20.03.2020 - 24.03.2020)

For the first time in Supremacy 1914’s history, the community will decide which event to host over the weekend. Which of the following events is your favorite? Players can vote for their favorite event from Monday, March 9th until Tuesday, March 17th, 2020!

Steel and Ice!

Wealthy industrialists are exploiting the resources of Antarctica and trying to establish their own state. As sovereign of your empire, you cannot allow that. Conquer and hold two of three Control Points for four ingame days to expel the competitors and claim Antarctica’s treasures (50,000 Goldmark)! This exclusive map is only available for joining during the sign-up period. Apart from the Dominion mode victory conditions, it features special resource hotspots on the map for which players can compete.

Colonial Uprising!

Separatist movements rose to power in different parts of the world and control major resources now. Use this opportunity to seize these regions and utilize them to forge a mighty global Empire! Victory on this map is not achieved by simple conquest, in order to win you have to secure 13 of 25 Control Points scattered across the world map. Only one player will win the huge gold reward in the end, so use your wits and plan your strategy wisely to have a chance in this demanding event!

Team Up!

Some battles are not meant to be fought alone and our next event is one of them. Join the 100 player map and choose which of the two sides will benefit from your knowledge as a leader and tactician. Prepare for the biggest team fight in history.

Rush for Europe!

Mobilize your troops and prepare yourself for whatever enemy you may face! “Rush for Europe” is a special event map that runs on breathtaking 6 times the speed of normal game rounds! Even the tiniest decision could have severe consequences at this pace. Experience the war for Europe in a way you have never seen it before!

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Supremacy 1914 – The Great War I, is a real-time strategy MMO game for PC, iOS, Android devices and Steam you can play for free here on, Browser game Supremacy 1914 from Bytro is now available for mobile devices and enables cross-platform play for players. Last week’s release marks the second mobile game release on both major mobile platforms after last year’s successful Call of War launch. This turns Supremacy 1914 into the second genuine MMO grand strategy game available for mobile players on smartphones and tablets.

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