Supremacy 1914 For New Users

Starter Pack Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 For New Users

Bytro Labs GmbH publisher of Supremacy 1914 WWI collaboration with, to bring you this special starter pack for all the new users for Supremacy 1914 The World War I and for all the users new's ones and actuals two new events on the game.

The Starter pack for new players with a value of 15 € / 15 $ of in-game content.

The starter pack will contain:

15.000 Gold in-game currency and one month of high Command premium account for every newly registered player, value 15 Eruos / 15 dollars for Supremacy 1914 - The Great War.

It will be available starting today until May 31th end of the day.

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Step 2. Register to the game use this link Supremacy 1914 - The Great War for PC, Google Play Supremacy 1914 - The Great War or iOS here on Apple Store Supremacy 1914 - The Great War only the new users who use these links will win the Starter Pack for 15 Euros / dollars.

Step 3. To redeem your 15 euro starter pack, create an account and pass the tutorial. Once you do, you will have 15,000 gold coins and one month of High Command premium account on your profile.

You read and see the Fisrt Look for Supremacy 1914 here on on this post First Look Supremacy 1914

Event for all the users; New ones and actual players for Supremacy 1914

Team Up!: (Sign-up period: 22.05.2020 - 26.05.2020)

Some battles are not meant to be fought alone and our next event is one of them. Join the 100 player map and choose which of the two sides will benefit from your knowledge as a leader and tactician. Prepare for the biggest team fight in history!

Colonial Uprising: (Sign-up period: 29.05.2020 - 02.06.2020)

Separatist movements rose to power in different parts of the world and control major resources now. Use this opportunity to seize these regions and utilize them to forge a mighty global Empire! Victory on this map is not achieved by simple conquest, in order to win you have to secure 13 of 25 Control Points scattered across the world map. Only one player will win the huge gold reward in the end, so use your wits and plan your strategy wisely to have a chance in this demanding event!

Play on all of your devices here on

The mobile versions of Supremacy 1914 are available in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store:

Android: Supremacy 1914 WWI

iOS: Supremacy 1914 WWI

Browser: Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 Free-to-Play Cross-platfrom MMORTS;


  • Be the leader of the people.

  • The Games is located on the First World War.

  • Build a massive army.

  • Create clans and conquer all the world.

  • Play in the browser or as mobile app.

Source: Bytro Labs - Supremacy 1914 - The Great War for PC, Android devices Supremacy 1914 - The Great War or iOS here Supremacy 1914 - The Great War

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