Supremacy 1914 Christmas Event

Supremacy 1914 Chrsitmas Event: Ice and Steel!
Supremacy 1914 Chrsitmas Event: Ice and Steel

Bytro Labs publisher for Supremacy 1914 and offer this Christmas Event.

Ice and Steel: (Sign up period: 22.12.2019 - 26.12.2019)

Supremacy 1914 Chrsitmas Event: Ice and Steel here on

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Wealthy industrialist are exploiting the resources of Antarctica and try to establish their own states. As sovereign of your empire you can’t allow that.

The mission:

Conquer and hold two of three Points of Interest (PoI) for four ingame days to expel the competitors and claim Antarctica’s treasures (50,000 Goldmark)! This exclusive map is only available for joining during the sign-up period. Apart from the Dominion mode victory conditions it features special resource hotspots on the map for which players can compete.


• 50 players (10 more than base map)
• Game ends when one player holds 2 out of 3 POIs for 5 days
• Speed map (2x or 4x)
• Explore-race for valuable resources

Player starting conditions:

• Players start with fast offensive units. No defensive options given.
• 75% initial resource production of regular maps, early combat for the resource-hubs.
• 15 provinces per player (10 producing / 5 non producing)

When you sign up to the game from Supremacy 1914 until December 25th you will recieve a free 15 € starting gift with 15.000 Gold premium currency and 1-month of premium account to get a headstart on the opposition and lead your nation to victory!

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