Summoner’s Legion to Host a Live Championship


Taking place from March 25th to March 28th, Summoner's Legion will host its first live championships with cash prizes. The champion will receive a $2000 cash prize, as well as a surprise reward. The 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded $1000 and $500, respectively.

The cutoff for players to qualify will be the 1v1 battles on March 18th, after which the top 16 ranked players in the Arena will automatically earn a spot in the tournament. Those who are unable to participate will be replaced by the next ranked player. The Championship will take place on an exclusive server where competitors will receive all available cards to build their decks.

R2Games will be streaming all the battles along with live commentary on its Twitch channel.


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Rules of the event will require players to use a different class deck for each round of battles. All rounds except the Final will be best-of-5, with the first player to win three battles advancing to the next stage. The Final round will be best-of-7, and the first player to win four battles will be crowned Champion.


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