Stronghold Kingdoms, new update and tutorial video


Firefly Studios has just unveiled a new content update for Stronghold Kingdoms, which adds to the game several new features such as the first USA Game World, new features suggested by the Kingdoms community and a new tutorial video.

In the new update that is already live, you can find the new Cards Screen, which make it possible for players to shuffle more precisely through their deck and play the right card in time. There is also a new cards search bar, which provides theplayers with the ability to search by title for cards in their current deck. To do this simply click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the Cards Screen and type in any key word from the card title or description.  With the “Buy and Play” option for cards, players can perform both actions in a single click. Moreover, with the new Cards Screen filter you can see all recently played cards.

Source of information: Firefly Studios press release

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