Stronghold Kingdoms Grows in Size


Stronghold Kingdoms has just launched a new world to meet players' demand, adding capacity for hundreds of thousands of active players. This new world features warfare across a European world map.

Since launch more than 3.5 million players have signed up to play Stronghold Kingdoms (two years since launch it remains one of the most actively played games on Steam), so this was an expected step.

Accurately based on the current day map of Europe, this new world is a direct response to requests from the community for more game worlds on a grander scale than those based on single countries. It will provide both new and experienced players with the opportunity to make their mark on an untouched landscape. ‘Europe’ promises extraordinary riches to those who take control of the 33 different countries in this persistent game world, stretching from the warm and inviting coasts of Portugal to the cooler and unforgiving trenches of Eastern Ukraine.

Stronghold Kingdoms will continue to grow through releases of new map types, community-driven updates and larger expansion-style feature updates coming in 2015.


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