Star Trek Online Season 14 Unveiled

Star Trek Online Season 14 Unveiled


Perfect World and Cryptic Studios have announced the next major update for Star Trek Online, "Season 14: Emergence", and a new Next Generation-themed episode. The new season will launch this October, and the new episode will arrive just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, on September 12.

The new episode, titled "Beyond the Nexus" will feature iconic actor LeVar Burton as Captain Geordi La Forge. Players will have to investigate a distress call from a Galaxy-class ship whose crew is under the influence of a mysterious energy source. They will be able to earn the skant uniform from Season 1 and the Type 7 shuttle featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This episode will be only the beginning. The adventure will continue with Season 14, as players will get to explore a new world after the events of the previous episodes. Captain Geordi La Forge will be an integral part during season 14, which will introduce a new colony map, a new primary specialization, new tiers of progression, new rewards and much more.

Watch the announcement trailer for Season 14:

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