Spiral Towers in Fiesta Online

Spiral Towers in Fiesta Online
Spiral Towers in Fiesta Online

Gamigo dares all adventurers to master the challenges of the “Spiral Towers”, a series of new instances in the latest update of anime MMO Fiesta Online, which became available today.

The paths that were opened to the Realm of the Gods have caused Corruption to spread through Isya, making it unstable. Since then, there have been suspicious gatherings of monsters, and with Mildwin being back in Isya, the adventurers will have to work together with him in order to unravel the mysteries behind those gatherings and the appearance of those mysterious towers. Their quest will take them to the Spiral Towers, where they'll have to fight against iconic and fearsome bosses on each floor. And one more piece of advice: players can bring a group of up to five people - and they had better!

Fiesta Online: piral Towers Mount video here on F2P.com;

Besides saving the world, it's also time to celebrate Fiesta Online's next birthday! US players are already celebrating the 15th anniversary while those in the EU the 14th. To celebrate the occasion, the corresponding birthday quests and puzzle events have been activated and the ever-popular Kingdom Quest: Anniversary Cupcake War. Happy Birthday, Fiesta Online!

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