SNOW Goes into Early Access Beta on PS4

SNOW Goes into Early Access Beta on PS4


Open-world winter sports game SNOW enters Early Access Beta on PlayStation 4 today. Even though this title will be available for free in the near future (supported by an in-game store), right now it is only available for those who purchase the Founder's pack ($19.99), which includes exclusive clothing, a gold snowmobile and a gold drone. Additionally, those subscribed to PS Plus will receive 80s-themed gear.

“It’s been quite the adventure getting SNOW this far, and we’re incredibly excited to take the next jump together with the PlayStation community,” said Alexander Bergendahl, CEO and game director at Poppermost. “We’ve put a great deal of time and dedication into ensuring each winter sport represented in SNOW faithfully captures the very unique feel of that activity. The world of SNOW is a true playground for fans of winter to enjoy.”

SNOW features now over two dozen unique locations to explore, with the option to ski, snowboard or snowmobile.

Support for PlayStation VR is currently in development, and the game is available for Windows through Steam.

Watch the PS4 beta launch trailer:

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