GENRE: Free to play Skiing Simulator
PLATFORM: Windows / PS4
DEVELOPER: Poppermost Productions


Snow is a free to play free skiing MMO where players can experience the adrenaline of a skiing simulator in an open sandbox world offering complete freedom, exploration and full customisation of their characters. The game is developed using CryEngine to offer amazing graphics and effects to further enhance the immersive breathtaking experience.


- Huge open world to explore
- Realistic and authentic skiing experience
- Customise your gear from a variety of accessories and branded clothes
- Immersive and stunning graphics
- Supports the Oculus Rift
- Perform flips, tricks and grabs
- Free to play


At its core Snow is a free to play skiing MMO where players are able to take to the slopes and explore their environment looking for the perfect line, a route down the mountain where they can incorporate a number of tricks, drop-offs and adrenaline pumping stunts. With the immersive graphics players will get the most out of the game playing in first person mode as they dodge rocks, cut through woodland areas, ski off log cabins and even ride down a frozen river. With a huge open world map as well as two other maps focused on stunts, players can perform a number of tricks from flips, rolls, grabs and varied combinations to try and get the biggest score on their run.


Everything from the graphics to the way players can move their characters, to the limitations on stunts that you can perform, the game isn’t about smashing out crazy death-defying stunts such as other skiing/snowboarding games. The game offers a realistic skiing experience to make an authentic game that focuses on capturing the essence of freestyle skiing.


Players can customise their characters using a variety of different clothing and accessories, changing everything from their boots, skis, jerseys, gloves and head accessories. The game features a number of distinctive and famous brands as well as some humorous attire such as pumpkin head helmets, Santa hats, top hats and more. Players will have an extensive catalogue of items where they can change the style and colour and the latest season’s trends are continuously updated to follow the most popular items and equipment available in the winter sports world.


There are currently three available maps in the game, with more to be added as the game is constantly updated:

Sialia - this huge eight kilometre square map is based around a large picturesque mountain, with over 20 unique areas for players to explore both on and around the mountain it is an exciting journey from top to bottom as players experience a more free-style type of skiing, complete with slopestyle ski obstacle course and ski halfpipe to try out some tricks. Due to its sheer size players have a choice of different spawn points around the map to check out different locations.

Big Air - a long run up to a traditional ski jump, this jump allows players to get some altitude as they try to perform a number of stunts and land them in front of a cheering crowd; players can also go beyond the boundaries of the jump and explore the local area.

Fochi - a more traditional ski slopestyle course the route is filled with a number of ramps, drops and rails for skiers to grind, jump and perform acrobatic stunts.


Players can play the game on their own, taking to the slopes solo to try and master their runs and work on their stunts. Alternatively players can play alongside other players and take part in a number of different events in the game, players can compete against each other and even gain ranking in the game to show how they compare against other players.


The game will fully support the Oculus Rift when played in first person mode, the combined senses of the fully virtual reality graphics and the rushing wind as players speed down the mountainside gives an unparalleled realism to the MMO, tipping it more into a simulator than a simple skiing game.


O/S: Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: Intel Dual-Core 2GHz or AMD Dual-Core 2GHz
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 6000 series


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