Skyforge shows us the Cryomancer


Skyforge has just unveiled a bunch of screenshots and a new gameplay video highlighting one of its classes:  the Cryomancer, a highly dynamic class which controls the power of cold.

This is a DPS class capable of get rid of its enemies in a matter of seconds. They prefer to fight from the distance, although you shouldn't understimate them at close range, as they are extremely powerful with their crowd control skills.


sf_cryomancerreveal_art_002 sf_cryomancerreveal_art_001 sf_cryomancerreveal_art_004 sf_cryomancerreveal_art_003

Players who choose this class will have different areas of interest to specialize into. They could focus on inflicting tons of damage, or be a more support oriented class improving your crowd control skills proficiency, or be a balanced mix for a well-rounded playstyle.

Check out the gameplay trailer here. And if you want to know more about this title, click on the "info" button below.


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