Skyforge Second Closed Beta Test


The second closed beta test of Skyforge has a date, it will take place for two full weeks, from March 25 through April 8. For those who haven't got the chance to participate in the first test, invitations will be sent randomly.

CBT2 starts next Wednesday, March 25th at 7:00 am PDT (3:00 pm CET) and ends April 8 at 2:00 am PDT (10:00 am CET).

If you don't know Skyforge, we recommend you to check out our written review, our video-review and our first look video.

This second beta will retain progress from the first one, allowing players to continue their adventure from CBT1. And those who participated on the first test won't need to re-download the client.

The second beta will feature the following content:

- Four new classes: Archer, Necromancer, Slayer, Kinetic
- New Open World Zone – Naori Island
- New Superiority PvP Mode – 8v8
- New 5-Man Dungeon – Daren Facility
- Two New Squad Adventures – Thetin Rift, Cronnel Platforms
- New “CUBE” style instance – Nedder Test Area
- A special PvP activity during the second week (PvP Arenas)


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