Skyforge Announces Closed Beta

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Skyforge will be hosting its first Closed Beta testing phase starting March 11 and Founder's packs are now available for purchase (with the purchase, besides various advantages and rewards, players are guaranteed access to all beta testing periods). Also, we have a brand-new trailer for you, which you can watch below.

The first closed beta period will be held for one week starting on March 11. It will feature both PvE and PvP, a first look at the Orders of Aelion system, progression in the Ascension Atlas and the ability to play as several classes including the Lightbinder, Gunner and Berserker, Paladin and Cryomancer.

There are 3 founder's packs and the three of them will give exclusive rewards: Early Access edition ($19.99 / 17.99€), Rage of the Berserker extented edition ($49.99 / 44.99€) and Wrath of the Gods Ultimate edition ($69.99 / 64.99€).

Beside you can see on the image below, with the Berserker pack players will get an exclusive costume and an additional class, the berserker; and with the Wrath of the Gods pack, players will get two costumes, two classes (berserker and gunner) and an exclusive mount.

The three packs grant character name reservation, early access and premium account temporary status.


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