Shards of War Increases the Drama


Shards of War, Bigpoint's sci-fi free to play MOBA, is adding a new map and a fancy interactive music system with today's update. Now, during combat, the the interactive system reacts to what's happening, dapting what the player hears according to the situation.

When a team is struggling and losing ground, the music changes to a tense and darker variation. If the tide turns, the track becomes much more uplifting and motivating. The more towers the team destroys, and the lower the enemy headquarter’s energy bar gets, the more dynamic and upbeat the music becomes.

The music is reacting directly and in numerous variations to what happens in Shards of War”, says Bastian Seelbach, Audio Lead at Bigpoint. “This makes the gameplay much more intense and lets the music reflect and push the player actions.

The new map, Meridian Gate, has been designed to match the branding of two corporate rivals. The ultimate goal remains the same (to destroy the enemy's HQ), but there are also new gameplay mechanics: battery drones and the mech suit. Both are optional objetives, however, deciding when to tackle them, and what to do once the Mech Suit is unlocked, will form a key pillar of each team’s strategy to attack the enemy base.

Battery Drones make an ideal and rewarding target for players. Each destroyed drone delivers a charge. Once three charges have been gathered, players can enable their team’s Mech Suit.

The Mech Suit can be piloted by players, giving them access to new skills as well as the Mech Suit’s primary weapon: a devastating cannon. Mech Suits deal extra damage to towers, and can silence and disarm enemy Sentinels.


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