Shards of War

GENRE: Free to play MOBA


A fast-paced MOBA with all the trimmings and trappings of a classic game with a few enhancements and extra features to give the title its own place in the market. Shards of War is an exciting new futuristic themed multiplayer online battle arena where players will go head-to-head in free to play team based PVP that can be played directly on your favourite web browser.


- Modern-futuristic MOBA theme
- WASD controls
- 10 unique Sentinel characters with their own abilities
- 5v5 Team based PVP
- 20 minute fast-paced games
- Craft your own items
- Customise your loadout and take personalised items into the battle
- Free to play
- Browser-based MOBA


In the near future mankind is on the brink of destruction as with a new technology portals have been opened between Earth and other parallel universes whose inhabitants threaten our very existence. From these portals emerge Sentinels that seek nothing more than to conquer and destroy, though not all our as focused on seeing the end of our world and where many will fight for conquest there are those that seek to close the Portals for good.


A traditional MOBA players are broken down into teams of five with 10 different characters to choose from, unlike other MOBA the game primarily utilises the WASD keys for character movement leading the mouse free for aiming and directing attacks and abilities. The game keeps the traditional three lane map, complete with towers, jungles and minions (drones) but has tweaked the game to focus on shorter 20 minute match times so that players don’t get bogged down with protracted game length’s making the hard-core nature appeal more to a casual fan base. During a battle the team games Team Levels based off everyone’s performance, showing that everyone’s contribution benefits the group as a whole and encourages teamwork.


There are currently 10 available Sentinel characters at launch with more already planned for the future. These Sentinels range from both melee and ranged characters and fall into one of three different categories: Support, Tank and Attacker, which will primarily determines what role best suits them in battle. Some of the available Sentinels are:

Bulwark - A walking Tank character he is heavily armoured with a riot shield able to shock enemies with his disrupter pistol and stun them

Vulcan - A relentless Attacker that blocks in on single targets to deal extra damage the longer he attacks them, with the added bonus that she does not slow down whilst running and shooting

Gemini - The classic healing Support character that uses her drones to automatically heal Allied Sentinels or using them to attack enemies


After each battle players are awarded Experience Points depending on how they performed as well as a chest containing valuable materials, of which there are five different types, that can be used to create various items or upgrade existing ones to a higher level. Experience Points similarly are used to directly purchase items and gear, as with crafted items they are all made available in the players Loadout.


The Loadout system is the players personal arsenal of items and gear that they are able to take with them into a match, starting with a recommended set of items for each character players will be able to further customise them as they progress with various purchased and crafted items.

There are in total six levels of available items that can be unlock and players get up to 3 options per item level, with such customisation players can focus on different aspects such as utility, defence or fence and are able to adapt their strategies with the various items that they have brought with them.


The Cash Shop is available to those players that wish to spend money on the game, though the primary goal is to make a game that is fun and fair and so any items available through the shop can also be accessed by simply playing the game. In the shop players will be able to purchase a variety of items such as Skins to give the Sentinels different looks to make them stand out on the battlefield, the purchase of war chests for extra materials for crafting items (though they do not differ in any way to those earned in the game) as well as purchasing Premium Accounts to gain XP boosts and other benefits.


Web Browser


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  1. TheElderOne October 17, 2014 at 12:25 PM -

    Shards of War is not a browser game, myself and several friends have been playing for a few days now and loving it!

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