Seafight Wrath of Calypso

Seafight Wrath of calypso here on F2P
Seafight Wrath of Calypso

Bipoint, announced Wrath of Calypso event for Seafight here on from next 19th February to 3rd March.

Help Nikolaos as he battles to get his new play on the road while challenging his critics and nemeses, Odysseus, Penelope, Telemachos as well as his ‘true love’, Calypso herself.

Sink Penelope to lure Odysseus and Telemachus to her side. Bring them down once they're close enough to her sinking ship. Beware the Sirens and their deadly song: foolhardy pirates who disregard it end up sailing aimlessly, love-struck to the point of idiocy. Shatter these maudlin dreams and put paid to the endless legend of Odysseus.

It won’t take long before Calypso, once Odysseus' scorned paramour, joins the fray. In her spurned rage, her terrifying tentacles thrashing out to strike anything they can reach. Work your way to the top of the event ranking and you will be greatly rewarded!

Head to the Black Market with your hard-earned Cursed and Radiant Souls and you will have your pick of impressive rewards, including new ship designs! Load up your ships with Heartbreaker ammunition and the Forgotten Love action item to deal maximum damage against these fearsome enemies during the Wrath of Calypso event.

Source: Bigpoint - Seafight

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