Robocraft Full Spectrum Combat Expansion

Robocraft Launches Full Spectrum Combat, the first in a series of major content updates that aim to provide players with more game modes, optimization, weapons, robot customization and cosmetics. Check out the trailer below.

In this first iteration, players can use up to 16 colors to paint their robots as they please. It also introduces new mechanics, such as mirrored painting and instant fullrobot color fill.

Full Spectrum combat unlocks Battle Arena, The Pit and Team Deathmatch for all players regardless of the level. This is the first part of a process that will remove tiering so both old and new players can play together without causing disbalances.

The expansion also introduces a new mechanic: armor regeneration. This mechanic empowers players who survive a skirmish by repairing their robot fully after a short out-of-combat period.

If you want to know more about Robocraft, click on the "info" button below.

Source: Freejam Games Press Release.

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