NosTale Imp Raid

NosTale Imp Raid
NosTale Imp Raid

Gameforge and announce the events for NosTale for Imp Raid on NosTale, the NosFire Event.

The demons are out! Starting today, anime action MMORPG NosTale welcomes the Imp Raid, where players must face Hongbi and Cheongbi, adorable and very cunning onis. These imps maintain their hold on NosVille until June 5, and no one is safe in this city as long as they have their way. Players are therefore invited to take up the challenge, complete daily quests and face bosses to put an end to their evil machinations!

During the event, NosTale players can bag the “Hongbi and Cheongbi” raid box by defeating these demons. In addition to a good number of event items, this raid box can contain the title "Malevolent Twin" as well as various achievement gems, small or normal. But be careful, Hongbi and Cheongbi are not easy opponents and they both summon a miniature clone to make life difficult for the players. (Tip: During this event, normal monsters drop “antidotes”, very useful potions.)

In addition, NosTale players can still enjoy the new NosFire event server until May 28. This event server allows you to accelerate progress in the game by obtaining PEX and level bonuses in order to reach level 80 more quickly. Once the event is over, players can transfer their character to a regular server and raise NosTale's trickiest challenges, including the Imp Raid. To find out more about the event, click here.

In addition to this information on the imp raid, Gameforge also provided news for the first time about Act 9 “The Secrets of Souterville”. This will not only include new content for Part 1, but also new specialists with a Steampunk look for all classes! We'll release more information and announce some surprises in the coming months.

Source: GameForge - NosTale

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