RIFT Released Forged in Flame Update

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RIFT Released Forged in Flame Update


RIFT has received a new content update, "Forged in Flame", introducing high-level content, including a new 10-player raid, a new looking-for-raid system, new items and eternal weapons. Watch the gameplay trailer below.

Additionally, starting now, players can purchase the Starfall Prophecy expansion using in-game credits. The Forged in Flame update is available for free to players who own the expansion.

There are Starfall Prophecy expansions editions available: Standard (£30.49 – OR 6,000 Credits) and Deluxe (£45.99 – OR 9,000 Credits).

The eternal weapons are earned through a quest line at level 70. These weapons improve as players participate in different activities, such as rifts or by simply killing monsters.

Here is the trailer:

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