Riders of Icarus Gets Ready for Rift of the Damned


Riders of Icarus will receive a new content update on September 28: Rift of the Damned. This update will introduce a new level cap (40), a new zone, new quests, a new dungeon and new creatures to tame and mount. Get a sneak peek of the upcoming content in the new gameplay trailer below.

Rift of the Damned will present a new zone blasted in a cataclysmic war between the God of Ruin and the Goddess of Light. It will be the first entirely airbone zone and it's filled with ruins and bones.

In the new area will find several new "void" creatures, such as Paragas the Mad or Karasha the Dark One, and a new dungeon: The Breach, a high-level dungeon available at level 39.

Watch the trailer:

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