Replay Feature Coming to Armored Warfare


Later this month, Update 0.14 will bring later to Armored Warfare a top requested feature: Replay. Players will be able to record videos of their matches, replay and review them. Developer Obsidian Entertainment has published a video in which we get to watch this new feature.

The Replay feature will allow to pause as well as increase or decrease the speed. And players will also be able to watch specific vehicles or switch into a free-cam mode.

But that's not all. Update 0.14 will also introduce a new PvP map and some co-operative operations.

Watch the video:

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One Comment - "Replay Feature Coming to Armored Warfare"

  1. Joe-T67 July 22, 2016 at 5:44 AM -

    Where’s the enemy troops and soft targets on the Battle field? Eye candy looks good.

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