Punches and Potions Patch to Trove

Punches and Potions Patch to Trove
Punches and Potions Patch to Trove

Gamigo has announced that Trove's latest update, Punches and Potions, will go live for PC on November 23. The patch will include two new tradeskills and a new user interface.

New User Interface – Effects Viewer Window on Trove

Currently, any visible 'effects' on players are shown as an icon below the XP bar. The Punches and Potions patch will introduce a new and highly requested Effects Viewer window which will allow players to view currently active effects.

Players will also be able to scroll through a list of class-based effects, read the effects and, in some cases, even remove the effects.

New Tradeskill – Mysticism

Existing professions in Trove include Gardening, Ringcrafting, Runecrafting, and Crystallogy. The Punches and Potions patch will introduce Mysticism, which will allow players to find recipes for buffs, potions, and (rarely) scrolls through disparate world activities, as well as from the Mystic Reagent Stash.

Players pursuing this profession will collect mana, a resource that spawns in all adventure worlds, though it is only present in three biomes at a time. Each week, mana will begin to spawn in one new biome, and leave one old biome behind.

Mystics in training may also want to invest in the new Mystic Madness pack, with collectables and Mystic Reagent Stashes to boost their progress.

New Tradeskill – Martial Arts

Players will loot collect existing trophies to receive soul tangles of the corresponding NPC types and build Bad Karma. Performing Acts of Service such as quests or activities on behalf of the Neon Punch Club will build Good Karma.

By combining Good Karma and Bad Karma, players will craft shouts, stances, and mantras.

Shouts and Stances will be consumed when a character uses specific ability types and will give mini-buff-esque short duration effects. Mantras, on the other hand, will give players a short duration buff without being consumed when using a specific animation state. Mantras are consumed only when converted into a Litany effect at the Relic of Preservation.

Purches and Potions Patch Notes

New UI - Effects Window

• This patch will introduce a new ‘active effects’ window, which lets players see what effects are currently active on their players.
• Players will be able to scroll through a list of all class-based effects which design has allowed to appear, letting players read the effects (and even remove the effects in some cases).

New Tradeskill/Profession - Mysticism

• Existing professions: Gardening, Ringcrafting, Runecrafting, and Crystallogy
• Players Collect MANA, a new “press [E] to collect” resource that spawns in all Adventure Worlds

− Mana is only present in 3 biomes at a time
− Each week mana begins to spawn in 1 new biome, and leaves 1 old biome behind

• Players Craft BUFFS, POTIONS, and SCROLLS using mana and additional reagents (old and new)
− BUFFS last the remainder of the day
− POTIONS only last ~2-6 hours, but will not countdown when offline
− SCROLLS won’t even last through a world change, and usually dissipate within 5 minutes

• Players Unlock recipes for rare buffs, potions, and scrolls through disparate world activities, as well as from the MYSTIC ARTS LOOTBOX

New Tradeskill/Profession - Martial Arts

• Players Loot Collect existing Trophies (which they have stockpiled) to receive “Bad Karma”
• Players perform Acts of Service (i.e.: “do quests/activities”) to receive “Good Karma”
• Combining Good Karma, Bad Karma, and other various reagents (old and new), players can craft SHOUTS and MANTRAS
• SHOUTS sit in your “Auto-Use” equipment slot and are consumed when your character uses specific ability types.
• When consumed, they give you short duration effects, like a mini-BUFF.
• Example: “Every time you use a SLAM ability, receive ENERGY REGENERATION for a limited duration”
• Note: Currently on live, the “Auto-Use” slot is called the “Food” slot. This patch will rename it.
• MANTRAS also go in your “Auto-Use” equipment slot and give the player two separate mini-buff effects, which stack with themselves.
• Mantras will trigger a medium duration effect (~1 hour) when players remain in a specific animation state for a set period of time.
• Unlike a shout, this will not consume the Mantra
• This effect will not stack with shouts
• Mantras will trigger a full-day duration effect when players consume their Mantra by crafting a special recipe at one of the Martial Arts workbenches (i.e.: “Long Rest”)
• This effect will stack with shouts
• Example: “Sit for 5+ seconds to receive a HEALTH REGENERATION effect for 1 hour. CONSUME this Mantra using the LONG REST recipe at the SHRINE OF KARMA for a day-long version of this effect.”

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