Planetside 2 releases the first part of OMFG on test server

SOE and Prosieben have released on their test server today the phase one of the big OMFG (Operation: Make Faster Game) optimization process for their popular MMOFPS, Planetside 2.

This first phase of OMFG is mainly focus on the optimization of the large scale battles (100+ players) and performance on quad-core and above systems, Intel and AMD, with at least 4G RAM and a medium or higher spec video card.

There will also be optimized rendering code, sound, player processing, UI, physics and more. All these changes will allow players to notice a significant increase - up to 30% - in performance and frame rates.

This phase one should go live around the end of the month.

For the next phase, coming in the future, the team is planning to focus on improving visibility and physics system.

Source of information: SOE and Prosieben press release

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