Piñata Hunt comes swinging in World of Warships March update

Piñata Hunt comes swinging in World of Warships March update
Piñata Hunt comes swinging in World of Warships March update

The fresh update brings a brand-new game mechanic for April Fools' Day, sees a wealth of Commonwealth ships sail into Early Access, and delivers important submarine changes

Wargaming, publisher and developer of the world’s leading naval battle game World of Warships, is delivering a long-awaited collection of Commonwealth cruisers in Early Access. This brand-new ship line is accompanied by a new Event Pass with two progression lines and loads of rewards to unlock along the way. Plus, a vibrant new event—Piñata Hunt—is swinging into the game with a new game mechanic just in time for April Fools' Day. The March update also sees several changes for submarines, the departure of U.S. aircraft carriers from Early Access, and plenty of action to dive into with a new season of Ranked Battles and Brawls.

The Piñata Hunt is bursting with rewards!

It’s no joke, this is for real! Starting at the end of March, the Piñata Hunt event is set to bring vibrant color to game with its eccentric battles just in time for April Fool’s Day! Two teams of seven Tier VIII–IX ships will go head-to-head on a modified and uniquely decorated version of the Hotspot map in a race to sink a special Piñata ship. As part of the fun, all ships that compete in the event will be dressed in a random selection of event-themed camouflages, and they will explode with a brand-new animation when they get taken out. As a reward for their "smashing" efforts, players will receive special Piñata Tokens which can be exchanged for themed permanent camouflages, a patch, and a commemorative flag in the Armory.

This event also introduces a brand-new mechanic to the game with the addition of "support consumables." The full range includes eight unique consumables, and players can unlock five of them by purchasing them or completing combat missions.

Commonwealth cruisers command the seas

Just off the slipways: a fresh line of 10 cruisers representing the Commonwealth nations has dropped anchor in Early Access. These historical ships are known for their good damage per minute, but this is balanced by slow-traversing turrets. The line offers both light and heavy cruisers, and their guns start from 152 mm and increase to 203 mm from Tier VIII upward. Players will find additional firepower with the inclusion of torpedoes from Tier III.

The Commonwealth Team Event Pass gets underway as a companion to the new line. With two 20-level progression lines to explore, players can unlock loads of rewards while it's live. Included are historical Commander Harold Farncomb, who comes equipped with 6 skill points; camouflages; containers; and Tokens that can be redeemed in the Armory. This Event Pass replaces daily missions with weekly missions, streamlining progression compared to previous Passes.

Submarines see underwater improvements

Rounding out the update are several new features and improvements for submarines, including torpedo adjustments to implement distance-based damage, improved proximity awareness to other submarines, and enhanced underwater terrain visibility.

American aircraft carriers Independence, Yorktown, and Essex depart from Early Access as a part of Update 13.2. Plus, a brand-new Ranked Battles season will set the seas ablaze from 13 March, pitting Tier VIII ships and above against one another in two teams of six. Lastly, four new close-combat Brawls will rage starting March 15.

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One franchise – multiple platforms

After finding massive success on PC, the unique gameplay and design of World of Warships has been adapted to bring free massive naval battles to other platforms. World of Warships: Legends is available on PlayStation and Xbox, and World of Warships Blitz is available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

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