Panzer General Online Introduces Alliances


Panzer General Online adds today the new alliance system, which allows players to create or join alliances and activate buffs in Player vs Player (PvP) battles. The feature also comes with a chat and a new alliance leaderboard that will show the top alliances based on weekly performance. Each ranked PvP match can be fought in alliance mode and if a player is successful, they will earn points for their alliance.

Players will earn rewards based on the position in the leaderboards, varying from coins to Fusion Points to Mythic Rare units.


PGO_Alliance_Match_Start PGO_Alliance_Leaderboard PGO_Alliance_Battle_2 PGO_Alliance_Battle_1

The alliances offer new ways of playing with and against other players. Once a player is a member of an alliance they are able to use two new buffs, the Intelligence Buff and the Wealth Boost. The Intelligence Buff grants more experience points and alliance points players can use to climb the alliance leaderboard. The Wealth Boost increases the amount of coins players earn for destroying enemy units and preserving their own units in battle. Once a buff has been activated by the alliance leader or an officer the buff is active for all alliance members.

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