Panzer General Online


GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Panzer General Online is a free to play turn-based strategy meets collectable card game in which players control their own general in battle and go up against AI and other players in one-on-one battles in a World War II setting and based on the popular Panzer General series. Players must build up their own army, collect cards and build up a strong “deck”as seen in a traditional collectable card game. The game is available through web browsers and does not require a client download to play.


- Collect units to build up your own personal army
- Gather together command cards to help you make tactical actions
- Play in an exciting AI campaign mode
- Compete against other players in strategic turn-based duels
- Level up and unlock new features and units
- Completely free to play
- Browser-based


The PVE campaign mode of the game focuses around key events in World War II from the viewpoint of either the American Allied forces or the German Axis, reading troops through the Italian campaign starting with the initial landing in Sicily fighting through the battle of Monte Cassino, alternatively players can take charge of the German troops as the Allied’s stormed Normandy.


This is the core of the game focuses around a collectable card game, where instead of selecting cards with monsters and spells as has been seen time and time again players can collect military units and action commands that allows them to perform certain actions in battle. Players are able to build up their own army, which in other games would be typically seen as being the “Deck” go up against other players in exciting strategy based duels.

The map itself is made up of three columns, at each end stands the opposing general base, in between them are a number of tiles filled with the troops and only by eliminating the troops blocking direct line of sight to the base and a player directly attack the enemy general. Players take it in turns to play one of their command cards that allows them to perform various actions such as making a single attack, making a charge attack that allows all columns to make an attack this turn or even replenish your command points.


Each general has a number of command points that they begin the game with, once the general has no more command points left then they have lost the battle. Command points are lost each time the enemy manages to perform an attack on the base as well is used up each turn when a command card is played, so players must monitor their command points carefully so as not to give the enemy and easy victory. There are specific “resupply” command cards that allow commanders to replenish their command points. Players can also seal victory for their team instead of draining the commander of their command points, and this is done by successfully destroying all the enemy units which instantly grants the player victory.


The map is made up of three lanes that the units will automatically move along, but neither can move past the central barbed wire zone and so the tactics come with switching lanes depending on which forces you are facing in a particular lane as well as covering lanes where the loss of units has left a direct line of sight to your base for attack. The look of the map is made up of individual hexagonal tiles, looking like a traditional tabletop game and the units acts like miniature figurines. Each Lane can generate different types of terrain which offer different tactical bonuses to key units that further makes up the strategy.


Players are able to unlock, earn and purchase a wide variety of army units made up from realistically rendered miniature is of infantry, artillery, tanks and other World War II specific units. Each unit has its own stats determining its attack power on other units, it’s counter attack power as well as any Shields/armour it currently has. When combined with the powerful command cards players can create a truly personalised custom deck that offer up a huge variety of versatile strategy and tactics.


Web Browser




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