NosTale Act 9 Secrets of the Undercity

NosTale Act 9 Secrets of the Undercity
NosTale Act 9 Secrets of the Undercity

Get ready for adventure as today, internationally recognized publisher Gameforge announces the next major update for celebrated anime-action MMORPG NosTale, titled "Secrets of Undercity.”

This update is poised to advance the story as Act 9 is its most significant content release of the year. "Secrets of Undercity" will become accessible later this year, ushering in an entirely new era in NosTale. It promises an abundance of thrilling content and enhancements for players, all while streamlining the level progression of earlier Acts. This allows newcomers to spend less time catching up and more time enjoying the game with friends during the winter holidays and beyond.

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Here’s an overview of the new content in NosTale’s “Secrets of Undercity” update:

• A New Chapter for NosTale

In this major content drop, "Secrets of Undercity" tells a grand new story, encompassing both main and side quests. Players can look forward to wondrous new maps to explore, two challenging new raids, new tiles for some Timespace instances, fearsome new monsters and friendly NPCs, as well as fresh equipment. Additionally, the update will bring an enhancement to the Fairy system and streamline level progression for newcomers who want to dive right into the Undercity.

• The Underground Awaits

NosTale Act 9 Part 1 takes place in an underground world accessible from NosVille Meadows. The capital of the underworld is the Undercity, where players will encounter the Mullan, a race of frog-like beings.

According to reports, the mining fields near NosVille experienced an attack from an unknown army that suddenly emerged from the depths below. Miners and guards were overrun, and the mines were captured. Due to this dangerous situation, adventurers are called to the mines to confront the threat.

• New Areas and Aids

Act 9 Part 1 introduces a variety of new areas, including the Invaded Western Mines, the Undercity, and many more. Two new raids, the "Gigant Arma Raid" and the "Moss Gigant, Pollutus Raid," will challenge players’ mettle and put their battle skills to the test. Should they succeed, they’ll be bestowed with fantastic rewards.

• Enhanced Fairy System

Gameforge and developer Entwell have improved NosTale’s Fairy system, allowing fairies to reach higher "upgrade levels" and "rarity levels" using gold and special items. Additionally, four new fairies with different elements are introduced, providing tactical diversity in combat.

• New Equipment for All Classes

Act 9 Part 1 not only brings a captivating story and exciting challenges but also an impressive selection of new equipment for all classes. Players can expect a new weapon set (main and secondary weapons) and an armor set for each class.

Jewelry enthusiasts will benefit from four necklaces, four rings, and four bracelets with performance-enhancing effects. Various new ingredients and consumables are also available to support players in their adventures.

• Winter Fun in NosTale

Players can also look forward to a winter raid against Maru, the Millennium Tiger! As an added treat, players who complete daily quests and event quests can take a ride on a magical sleigh with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. A certain red-clad gentleman will also make a special appearance, distributing gifts to loyal NosTale fans.

Further information regarding winter events will be posted on the community page and on NosTale" rel="noopener" target="_blank"> In the next Twitch livestream, the NosTale team will introduce new updates, and viewers can look forward to exciting giveaways!

Source: Gameforge - NosTale

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