New Update for Zombies Monsters Robots


The next update to Zombies Monsters Robots has been just unveiled. Game of Drones will launch on April 14 and will bring to the game drone companions, new co-op scenarios, five new maps, a new competitive game mode and a new leveling-rewards system.

Through the new drone system players will be able to unlock mechanical companions that fight alongside them in co-op modes. There are four unique drone types, each with their own unique attacks and appearance. Drones can also be modified with abilities and modifications.

The new leveling rewards will offer more free unlocks, including permanent weapons and modifications, drones, turrets and costumes.

Regarding the new maps and the new mode, the new Assault Ops co-op campaign, "Occupied Earth", includes an extremely challenging Nightmare difficulty mode. And for competitive players, "Charnel Halls" debuts with this update. It's a new multi-level map for the Mercs vs. Monsters mode in which players assume control of one of more than 20 playable character classes (such as a demonic emperor, a witch or a mech-suit.


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