New Update for Trove

Trove the popular Sandbox-MMO for PC and Consoles

The latest contente update for Trove, Monster Bash, arrives to the Voxel-based universe introducing a new playable class, more powerful enemies enemies and bosses, placeable turrets, blinding lasers and armies of mushroom men.

The Boomeranger is a totally new class that brings to the game new buffs and customizable flasks to keep players fighting for a longer time; a load of healing options and additional effects.



TROVE_ACT_MonsterAbilities_02 TROVE_ACT_MonsterAbilities_01 TROVE_ACT_Adventurer_BowSwordCombo_VsPirateParrot_01 TROVE_ACT_Adventurer_BowSwordCombo_VsFaeAnt_01

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