New PvE Content in Albion Online

Albion Online went into Closed Beta two weeks ago and today sees the release of a new major update: Aurelius, introducing new PvP content, new interface features and several general gameplay improvements to make the game more enjoyable.

Aurelius adds three new dungeons types, offering 23 different variations. Players will face three new bosses and three new mob types. And that's not all: these new dungeons have an improved layout with several entries from different clusters, making them PVP hot zones.

The update also introduces 10 new spells and abilities spread across different weapons and safe zone hellgates, designed to introduce newer players to PVP, whereby a group of up to 5 players can enter a hell dungeon where they face off demons but also possibly another group of 5 players that is fighting for the same loot.

Next to all this new content, the update delivers a range of playability improvements, including chat channels, right click movement and forced combat mode, to force the character to move by right-clicking (preventing the character from accidentally harvesting or looting in combat), and spell ready highlight so players can see when a spell is ready.

Albion Online aurelius update screenshot F2P1

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Source: Sandbox Interactive Press release.

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