Albion Online

Albion Online


PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / Linux / Browser
DEVELOPER: Sandbox Interactive


Albion Online is a cross platform sandbox MMORPG set in a fantasy realm where players are responsible for building and crafting everything from their own items to raising up villages and towns. With strong competitive elements challenging players to go head-to-head against each other it will also require a great deal of co-operation players working together to accomplish greater tasks. No one can go alone in Albion Online.


- All buildings and items are crafted by players
- Players can build up their own villages and towns
- A combination of PVP and player economy where players can destroy their enemies player cities, forcing them to rebuild
- Full looting gives meaningful death where players can lose items they carry
- Class free system
- Make hybrid character themes by mixing various items such as a magic wielding Knight
- Territory control system as one of the core features
- Cross platform across all systems


In the game there are no classes to choose from and players role is determined by the items they equip creating a wide variety of options and player choices where players can build different hybrid templates. In previous games a magic wielder wearing heavy armour simply wouldn’t work, put in Albion Online it is a very valid option.

No more is this system shown than in the item crafting, where players abilities are built into the items that they equip. There are limitations between which abilities can go into which types of items, but there are thousands of different combinations available where your gear will affect not only how you look at how your character plays.

Different tiered items are made from different tiered resources, the most extremely rare resources are exactly that… Rare. Only a few people will be equipped with the highest level gear, and whilst this will give them an advantage it does not create imbalance between high-level and low-level players, even a high-level player can be killed by enough low-level players.


The economy in Albion Online is completely player driven where all items and buildings are crafted by the players themselves, made from resources that have been found, harvested, crafted or purchased of other players through trade. No items are limited by the free to play content. With open world PVP and full looting of players corpses this ensures that there is a constant rotation of items meaning that harsh death consequences not only help the player economy flourish but also give more meaningful purpose to PVP with actual victory and defeat.

There are over 50 different buildings that players can construct from simple buildings with a specific function such as a storage warehouse or production buildings such as blacksmith’s and weaving mill, similarly there are military style buildings to protect players. Building a house is generally a team effort due to the amount of time and resources needed to construct one, not only that they will require a group to defend their territory and buildings against raiding bands of players looking to claim spoils for themselves.


The game world itself is divided into more than 800 territories that Player Guilds can conquer and claim for their own, which in turn will give them access to silver and resources. These territories are the starting place for any player built village that will be built by the Guild and defended from other Guilds. Guilds do not have to be particularly large in size to take advantage of this system, even a group of 3 to 5 active players with a small Guild can start their own small village and as territories are claimed more will be added to ensure that there are always enough to go around.

Every territory is protected by its own magical barrier that ensures players cannot simply read your village to destroy your buildings and pillage your resources whilst you sleep. Players are able to start a war against their neighbours and conquer their territories to claim all their buildings and resources that were not destroyed during the attack X?


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  1. holeron May 10, 2016 at 6:12 AM -

    Just curious where you found Albion free to play?

  2. Writer May 10, 2016 at 8:56 AM -

    The game ditched the Free-to-play model last December. We just updated the profile.

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